3D Seismic Visualization and Integration

In addition to a real-time geosteering solution, ZoneVu also hosts a fully functioning 3D seismic viewer. This is the first and only 3D seismic workstation run entirely on the cloud and accessed through a web browser. In addition to allowing Geologists to visualize their wells in 3D, they can also view a live-seismic curtain projected along the path of the wellbore, updated as the actual azimuth of the wellbore changes.

The ‘live seismic curtain’ can also be displayed as a backdrop in the geosteering module, allowing Geologists to compare “seismic truth” & “geosteering truth” in real-time. All faults, horizons, and surfaces can be displayed alongside the geosteering interpretation. In addition, other seismic attribute volumes can be loaded and displayed in ZoneVu. Customer-reported benefits from the integration of 3D seismic include reduced drilling time, fewer target change errors, and easier look-backs.