Integrated Frac Design and Visualization

Version 6.0 of ZoneVu now includes an integrated completions design and visualization module. Users can design a completion job from scratch, designating the number and width of stages. In addition, they can display the stimulation design alongside their completed geosteering interpretation, seismic, and other engineering data. They can also manually adjust the spacing of the stages to accommodate for varying geology, faulting, etc. Existing completion designs created by 3rd party companies can also be imported into ZoneVu.

Users who have a 3rd party subscription with Well Data Labs can instantly access their completions results and display them along with their geosteering interpretation, seismic, and engineering data in ZoneVu. Included in that are the statistics related to the completion including proppant and water concentrations, pressures, etc.

Frac designs or completed frac jobs can be viewed across multiple wells in 3D.  Frac statistics can be color coded on the wellbore.

ZoneVu 3D Frac Job Visualization