The first cloud and browser-based app for conventional and horizontal drilling and geosteering
Optimized for geoscientists who want to drill and geosteer together online in real-time and in 3D

Drill and Geosteer Wells In a Browser

ZoneVu uses Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to Revolutionize Drilling Visualization and Geosteering

ZoneVu is a Remote Operations Center in a browser

With ZoneVu, you can monitor your drilling wells in a browser from anywhere. ZoneVu integrates engineering, geology, geophysics, and petrophysics into a combined real-time visualization of your drilling project that has value for all disciplines.

ZoneVu is also an Advanced Geosteering Application

ZoneVu empowers teams of geoscientists to work together from any location to geosteer drilling wells and advise the drilling process. Our cloud and real-time technology create a next-generation, browser-based workflow experience that must be experienced to be believed.

A Breakthrough in Finding and Sharing Data

ZoneVu’s Shared Cloud Database Transforms Data Access

Storing E&P data in the cloud changes the equation

ZoneVu’s shared cloud database allows you to index and permanently store unlimited amounts of well and seismic data.

Geoscientists spend too much time looking for their own data

ZoneVu’s searchable map interface lets you find data as easily as finding restaurants on google maps.

It should be easy to share information

All projects, data, and documents in ZoneVu’s cloud database are shared across your company, eliminating the “siloed” data problem, and greatly simplifying workflows such as shift geosteering.

Drill and Geosteer Wells In Real-Time

Our RigStream™ Service Delivers Real-time Drilling Data 24/7 to every ZoneVu User

Geosteer to the drill bit, not the last survey station

The wellbore and GR data are always up-to-date in ZoneVu, allowing you to geosteer up to the bit – a necessity with today’s fast drilling rates.

Stop wasting time on emails

ZoneVu is designed from the ground up for a real-time work environment, freeing geoscientists from email-based menial labor.

Geoscientists need engineering data too

ZoneVu’s built-in drilling dashboard provides real-time information such as ROP, WOB, or any other WITS channel.

Work Together From any Location

ZoneVu’s Cloud Technology gives asset teams an ability to collaborate not possible with conventional software products

Accessible from any device, any location

Since ZoneVu is browser based, there is no software to install, and you can access your drilling and geosteering projects from browsers on PCs and laptops, and from mobile devices.

Anyone should be able to watch drilling and geosteering

In ZoneVu, any user can watch the real-time drilling, and can watch a user geosteer – your screen just updates as the well drills and geosteerer interprets those blocks.

Better Collaboration with Live Shared Projects™

ZoneVu lets you share a project to your geosteering contractor – you can watch them geosteer live as a backdrop to your own ongoing geosteering interpretation!

Get Maximum Value from your 3D Seismic

ZoneVu is built from the ground up with full support for 3D

Smart companies are employing 3D seismic on resource plays – how to utilize during geosteering?

ZoneVu lets you import your whole 3D seismic interpretation project, including horizons, faults, and SEGY trace volumes, including attribute volumes, which can all be seen in 3D view or in well vertical section.

Accuracy is important – about our Live Seismic Curtain™

During drilling ZoneVu automatically extracts and keeps up-to-date the seismic curtain line along your wellbore, and shows it to you in 3D or in well vertical section – invaluable during landings.

Multi-well projects and geologic models

ZoneVu projects support multiple wells and allows you to build 3D geologic models of target zones giving you a fuller subsurface picture.

Sophisticated Enterprise Features

ZoneVu’s feature set supports the enterprise requirements of the largest energy companies

Scales to any number of users

You can provide ZoneVu access to anyone — geoscientists, engineers, managers, contractors — anyone needing to keep tabs on drilling and geosteering.  ZoneVu integrates with Azure Active Directory, so users can use their company email address to sign into ZoneVu.

Access data from scripts and data integration tools

Our REST webservice API lets your IT department and analysts access well and geosteering results — including live data during drilling.

Advanced Control over your data

ZoneVu provides administrative access control over who is allowed to access data and what they are allowed to do.

For Conventional Drilling too

Powerful Real-time Geologic Visualization for all Drilling

E&P Companies can monitor drilling anywhere in the world

ZoneVu provides a 3D real-time remote operations center in a browser, freeing E&P professionals to monitor drilling from anywhere.

Supports Industry Leading WITSML Platforms

ZoneVu’s RigStream™ cloud drilling agent interoperates with popular EDR systems, including Pason and NOV Totco.

A Permanent Record of your Drilled Wells

ZoneVu permanently archives to the cloud your drilling projects, making well reviews easy.