Real-Time Geosteering Drilling Data via RigStream™

ZoneVu is a completely browser-based geosteering solution run entirely on the cloud. While there is the optionality for manually loading your geosteering data ‘via emails,’ the true power of ZoneVu is that all drilling data can be sent automatically from the rig via RigStream. RigStream is a completely automated solution that accesses and downloads any, and all types of drilling data that are being acquired by the EDR from typical LWD GR, gas, ROP, and survey data, to more complex data like azimuthal GR.

Regardless of whether you are actively logged onto the geosteering module, it is continuously collecting data, so there is no need to wait for the system to update when you log on. Since ZoneVu is entirely cloud-based and runs in a browser, the user can access their geosteering interpretation from any computer that has an internet connection.

New to version 6.0 of ZoneVu, users can now set text or email alerts based on specific criteria including new survey stations, measured depth, dog-leg severity, etc. In addition, a more condensed version of ZoneVu can also be accessed via smartphone, allowing the user to check in on the status of the well, and view new data and messages coming through the WITSML.