Who We Are

Ubiterra is a group of E&P professionals and programmers innovating cloud software for the American resource play revolution.

Why Ubiterra ZoneVu?

Because People and Processes Can’t Keep Up with Today’s Speed and Complexity of Drilling

  • ZoneVu connects seamlessly to the rig during drilling — real-time data makes for better decisions
  • ZoneVu’s Steering FieldTM (patent pending) means better interpretations faster through the Field’s fully-integrated, real-time 3D view of  the subsurface for live geosteering while drilling
  • Geosteering, geology and data management all upload automatically to a single cloud-based secure storehouse with remote back-up

Because Asset Teams Need Better Ways to Collaborate

  • Review and share information instantly for better innovation, cross-fertilization of ideas and more effect trouble-shooting
  • Real-time means better reliability- integrating live geosteering with 3D seismic keeps you in zone
  • Browser-based — no software to install with all data accessible to every asset team member

Because Revenue Per Lateral Foot is What Matters

  • Maximize EUR by staying in the zone
  • Get better landings, avoid sidetracks and shale strikes, design more effective fracs
  • The cost of mistakes has never been higher- better information faster to more people means fewer mistakes and down time, faster heel-to-toe drilling

Collaborate in the Cloud

Browser-based & no software to install – data and geosteering results at the fingertips of the asset team

Next-Gen Geosteering

Ubiterra’s new “Steering Field” provides a better way to correlate and interpret the zone while drilling

Drill Live in 3D

Integrates real-time data from the rig with your 3D seismic for powerful visualization during drilling